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Doctors and Cannabis

Speaking With Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis
Speaking With Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis

With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, more and more Canadians have been inquiring with their primary care physicians as to the suitability of incorporating cannabis in their current medical regimes, however, it is becoming quickly evident that their doctors may not be the best source of knowledge when it comes to the benefits or risks of cannabis. Retail cannabis shops, mail order marijuana outlets as well as online marijuana dispensaries have been fielding more and more inquiries of late as they are finding people are turning to them for information when their own doctors are unwilling or unable to discuss the topic.

The best online dispensary in Canada often receives several of these inquiries daily and are often hesitant, as should all retail cannabis shops and mail order marijuana depots, to provide anything beyond very basic and general information. Though the medicinal benefits of cannabis have been proven to be very beneficial in treating certain conditions and diseases, physicians still have pause when asked about this course of treatment, and when retail or online marijuana dispensaries also refuse to provide medial advice specific to any one case, patients are often left to “experiment” on their own using whatever information they have been able to gather from their own research. Unfortunately, this is not ideal but thankfully retail cannabis shops, mail order marijuana outlets and online marijuana dispensaries can provide assistance when it comes to choosing products, administration methods and dosing.

For the time being, cannabis medical applications is not a subject taught in medical school and it is still a relatively new (legal) drug in Canada where treatment guidelines have not been “tired, tested and true”. Nevertheless, cannabis is no different than any other course of treatment and deserves the same care and attention as any other drug. The primary care doctor is often the best professional to provide treatment for the patient as they are the most aware of their patient’s condition and the risks that may or may not be involved when undertaking a new regime. What is unfortunate is that physicians are not obligated to recommend cannabis as a course of treatment and as they must use their knowledge to provide for their patients with their best interests in mind, this is often an excuse to shy away from any new or unconventional methods.

For those interested in using cannabis to help ease their conditions, retail cannabis shops, mail order marijuana depots and online marijuana dispensaries can only assist when it comes recommending products, way to consume these products and dosing. It is unfortunate that most medical professionals still shy away from using cannabis as a drug as this would be a good opportunity for them to learn first-hand all the while providing their patients with their requested course of treatment. Often the benefits of using cannabis is lost to doctors as patients are reductant to disclose their use of the drug when their request is denied, resulting in valuable data being lost from lack of disclosure.

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