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Croptober – Autumn The Best Season for Weed in Canada


Croptober or Autumn…for many the saddest season of the year where the greenery of the summer transitions into a multitude of colours before fading into a winter sleep. Long days and warm temperatures slowly disappear and the landscape turns barren once again. However, if you were to ask at any cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary, they would tell you that autumn has been traditionally regarded as the sacred season for cannabis culture in the northern hemisphere.

Back in the olden days prior to greenhouse and hydroponic cultivation, the fall was when the majority of outdoor plants reached the end of their flowering phase and were ripe for harvest—cannabis among them. Outdoor farmers will tell you that this is the time of year to reap in the final rewards from all the hard work done during the summer months tending their crops. Fall is the time to harvest and prepare their goods for market before spending the dark winter months resting up and planning for the next growing season.

Though greenhouse and hydroponic farming ensure a steady food supply throughout the year, there is nothing like fruits and vegetables grown under the watchful eye of mother nature—cannabis among them. “Croptober” is still the time when commercial cannabis growers prepare their outdoor fields of marijuana for harvest and is the time of year you will be able to find strains that are usually difficult to get otherwise, in an abundant supply at your local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary. Consumers will also find that prices for high-grade cannabis will be lower now as dispensaries will be fully stocked with fresh sun-grown cannabis. As growing outdoors is significantly less expensive than growing in a greenhouse or with a hydroponic setup and as the amount that can be planted is also pointedly more, growers are able to pass these saving onto the consumer, and for those on a fixed budget (which is the majority of us) this is the ideal time to buy weed in Canada and stock up. For those aiming to get a deal on the outdoor stuff or looking for a specific seasonal strain, look for the harvesting date on the package from your local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary and plan your purchase for approximately two months after that date.

In this day and age, Croptober is not as impactful as it once was, however, it is still a significant time in the world of cannabis. This is the time of year cannabis farmers usually allow tourists to visit their farms to experience first hand the fragrant terpenes in the fields during their flowering cycle. Not only does this connect people with the plant, it also provides insight into cannabis cultivation and the reality that it is just another crop like the fruits and vegetables available for sale at your local grocery store.



  1. Fall is the best time because that when the weed seems to come down in price. Also the fall crop is down. So yes autumn is the best time

  2. Nice blog! And yes October is the best month to smoke. I don’t know why it maybe be the weather in Canada. Not too hot and not too cold

  3. lol every month is the best to spark a fatty. But I love the buying weed in the fall and smoking it outside when the leaves are falling

  4. Paulina

    I just saw this post and think any month is better is you have medical issues

  5. Inst any time the best season for smoking pot?

  6. Best month of the year to smoke ganja is in the morning when the sun rises in the BC west coast. If you havent done this you need to put this on your bucket list

  7. Enjoyed reading through this but is there really a best month for smoking weed?

  8. Nothing like smoking a fat one while the leaves are changing color in Canada. Summer too hot and humid and winter too god damn cold.

  9. Any month is a good month to spark a dube up

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