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Common Mistakes Make When Cooking with Cannabis

Edibles. Always yummy to eat but often challenging to make. If are not one to buy edibles online and have tried to hone your craft at home (while using grandma’s brownie recipe), you may have realized that making edibles is often not as easy as one may think. For your benefit, we have gathered some tips from our friends at the local cannabis store, mail order marijuana depot and from the best online dispensary in Canada which should hopefully help with your skills in the kitchen.

The most common mistake that our friends from the best online dispensary in Canada hear about is cooking with raw cannabis. Decarboxylation is needed to activate the CBD and THC and before you even start to gather your ingredients, you need to properly prepare your weed. Spread your ground cannabis evenly on a cookie sheet and place in a preheated oven at 110-120°C for about an hour. You will need to stir every 15 minutes or so to ensure you do not burn your bud.

Making edibles with cannabis
Making edibles with cannabis

Making edibles at home is a great opportunity to use the less than optimal stash you may have on hand or to buy cheap weed online as quality of bud is not paramount when you are mixing it with other yummy ingredients. Stems, leaves and trim as well as shake are perfect for cooking as a little goes a long way. Just be sure not to grind your bits to a pulp as too fine of a grind will not work. You are looking for the consistency of coarse salt.

Knowing how potent your edibles will be is also another important factor to keep in mind and this can be tricky for first time cooks. For example, most cannabis today has a THC content of approximately 15 to 20% but how does that transfer over in the kitchen? Our friends at the best online dispensary in Canada broke it down as such: assuming your THC is at 20% and transfer rate is about 50% and you were looking to make beginner portioned edibles at 5 to 10mg per serving, for a batch of 20 pieces you will need 2 grams of cannabis.

If you haven’t already discovered already, cannabis has a distinct “earthy” smell and flavor (note the care taken in packing when you receive orders from your mail order marijuana deport or online marijuana dispensary). In marijuana edibles, this smell and flavor can be easily masked by the rich ingredients in sweet goods such as candies, brownies and cookies, however, desserts are not the only foods suitable for cannabis infusion. Sauces rich with spices or heavy with onions and garlic also do well and are often lower in sugar content if you are trying to watch your waist line.

Trial and error are often the only ways to perfect a recipe and making cannabis infused edibles and foods are no different. Ensuring the correct proportions as well as mixing and distributing your weed well within your batch is of utmost importance, and along with these tips from our friends at the local cannabis store, mail order marijuana depot and from various online marijuana dispensaries you should soon be able to conjure up some magic in your kitchen.

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