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CBD and Pets – Benefits of CBD on Pets in Canada

CBD and pets
CBD and pets

CBD has long been sought after to help treat a large array of aliments that have plagued humanity for a millennia, however, did you know that it may also be the answer to a lot of the conditions that cause distress among pets as well? A lot of research has been done of late on CBD and pets and the results have shown that infused pet treats are an excellent way to boost the general health of your pet and help address some of their health issues such as pain, inflammation and skin blemishes. Brick and mortar cannabis shops, mail order marijuana depots as well as online marijuana dispensaries have seen an increase of inquiries for CBD infused pet treats, however, there are plenty of things to know prior to even beginning to think about CBD for your pets.

It is important to note that at this time veterinarians in Canada cannot prescribe cannabis for their animal patients and that there are currently no approved CBD drugs for animals. This has prompted many to buy cheap weed online from mail order marijuana depots as well as online marijuana dispensaries with the intention of making treats for their dogs. Oftentimes people will take a human dosage size of cannabis and try to extrapolate a dosage suitable for their pet which is a disaster in the making. Overconsumption of THC can cause serious health risks in pets as seen when pets have inadvertently gotten a hold of their owner’s stash. This essentially means it may not be a good idea to pick up a pack of goodies with the intent of sharing with your furry friend next time you buy edibles online.

Legally, the only way to access cannabis products for your pets are with veterinary health products (VHP) which are low-risk goods used to maintain or promote the health and welfare of animals. Certain hemp products are available under this category which are high in CBD and low in THC and are ideal for animals such as dogs, as given their high density of THC receptors which made them very sensitive to its effects, the risks of overconsumption are lower. Start by speaking to your vet, doing your homework and researching what is available to meet your needs from the best online dispensary in Canada. You will find that product selection is not limited to treats alone, as infused oil tinctures in a variety of strengths and flavours are available as are balms and salves to help sooth skin issues.

Always start by choosing the right product for pet’s needs and then start slowly. As you increase the dose be observant for any side effects and ease off treatment if you notice any adverse reaction. Vomiting, diarrhea, trouble with equilibrium or a spacey or zoned-out look are signs of overconsumption so be mindful of their behaviour. With the correct dosing and products from your vet, a reputable cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary, you should be able to help your pet continue to live their life to its fullest.

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  1. CBD not matteter if for pets or humans is the same. Dont pay for overpriced CBD when you dont have to

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