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Cannabis Pipes

Though there are many ways to smoke cannabis, perhaps the most widely known is still the pipe or bowl. When compared to some of the fancier devices that you may see in the paraphilia section of your local cannabis shop or on the pages of the site where you buy weed online, it is not surprising that the pipe can still hold its own. Modelled from the traditional pipes used for tobacco, the cannabis pipe is similar and usually consists of a bowl or round basin into which to pack cannabis where smoke is channelled through a tube to the mouthpiece. Some of the fancier models have a carburetor or second air channel used to regulate airflow, however, a basic pipe will suffice. There are five basic types and all can be purchased from your local cannabis shop, your mail order marijuana depot or online dispensary in Canada.

Banana Cannabis Pipe
Cannabis Pipe

Chillums pipes are the least expensive and the most basic in form and shape. Styled after the reed pipes of the indigenous peoples, it essentially just a tube where one packs cannabis in one end, lights it and inhales from the other end. Because of its shape, only a small amount of weed can be inserted and they do not have a carburetor to prevent the smoke flavour from becoming stale.

Similar in construction to the chillum and often considered an upgrade is the spoon pipe. With a bowl located at one end of the tube where cannabis is meant to be deposited, spoon pipes have a carburetor to allow for the chamber to be exhausted between drags. Visit the paraphilia pages of your favourite online dispensary in Canada for examples of the two.

The pipe with the arched stem is known as a Sherlock pipe, named after the tobacco pipe most often associated with the fictional detective. Pipes also in this fashion but with a longer stem, are referred to as a Gandalf pipe, a character from the Lord of the Rings. In both cases, some have carburetors but are not standard. Again, visit the paraphilia section of your local cannabis shop or the website of your online marijuana dispensary to see the distinction between the two.

A bubbler or glass water pipe is a hybrid of the pipe and bong, and though it is still small, it uses water as a filter to diffuse the smoke, thereby creating bubbles in the process. The flavour is smoother and devoid of the harsher tones and elements as the water cools the smoke prior to inhalation.

The most complicated of the pipes to use is the steamroller as it incorporates a tube (like a chillum) but has a bowl sitting on the top before the other open end, which is intended to be used as a carburetor. Some of the fancier models have an extra chamber to roll and cool the smoke further before inhalation.

In the past, pipes were made out of wood, bamboo and in some instances, even ceramic, and though pipes today come in a variety of materials, the most popular are usually constructed from glass. They are all generally small in size and considered to be somewhat easy to use. Scroll through the webpages of any online marijuana dispensary, the flyer of any mail order marijuana distributor and you will see that the assortment is endless and is only limited by one’s imagination. Given that the price of a pipe is relatively affordable, owning more than one type of pipe is realistic and may be something to consider next time you buy weed online.

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