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cannabis massage
cannabis massage

Cannabis massages or canna-massages—a thing I did not know was actually available until I was visiting the warehouse of an online marijuana dispensary and saw them preparing an “industrial” sized jug of cannabis infused massage oil for a well-known spa in Canada which was offering such services. As a firm believer in massage therapy and cannabis-based products, I think this is a great next step in the world of canna-therapy and something that I would happily partake in.

Still taken aback about how uninformed I was about the topic, I asked friends from the various places from which I buy weed in Canada if they were aware of any places that offered canna-massages and all said yes. They were quick to point out that this is still a relatively new thing, that different provinces have different regulations regarding the massage therapy industry and its use of cannabis, and those without, are governed under the federal Cannabis Act. Nevertheless, all local retail shops, mail order marijuana outlets and online marijuana dispensaries that I spoke to were able to help me find someone offering canna-massages. I contacted several individuals as well as a couple of spas throughout Canada and got the lowdown.

When performed properly, massage therapy is a great way to help manage certain health conditions and to enhance overall well being. Adding cannabis oil to massage therapy provides a medicinal boost to the session as topical cannabis relaxes the muscles so the therapist can go deeper without causing pain. Anti-inflammatory benefits can be had with this combination which in turn provides relief from chronic pain and helps reduce high blood pressure and delivers general stress relief. Though the harmful effects from massage therapy are low, canna-massages are no different so be sure to disclose and discuss any concerns you may have with your therapist beforehand as techniques can be modified to suit your needs. A few of the therapists I spoke to also allowed their clients to pre-purchased preferred or specific cannabis concoctions, either from them or a specified mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary. This only further enhances and customizes a session based on needs and product concerns and preferences.

As always, the various places I buy weed in Canada from were a wellspring of information. Whether it was for information as to where I could get a canna-massage or the type of topical I should be using for my session, they came through as always. If you have concerns as to the cannabis product being used by your massage therapist, inquire about it at your local retail shop, with your mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary. This is what they do so generally they should be more knowledgeable about cannabis products than your massage therapist. If your concerns are still not eased, do not feel as if your choices are limited—though canna-massages are a relatively new thing in Canada and providers are still somewhat far and few in-between, there always choices available.


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  4. Massages are awesome, weed is awesome. Put them together and what do you get. More awesome

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