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Cannabis Edibles & Post COVID-19 Symptoms

Long-haul COVID or Post COVID-19 symptoms -It is a sad truth for many who have “healed” from COVID-19.

According to thee so-called Public Health Services,

“About 80% of adults reported 1 or more symptoms in the short term (4 to 12 weeks after their initial COVID-19 infection).
About 60% reported 1 or more symptoms in the long term (more than 12 weeks after their initial COVID-19 infection). And 10% said that they were also unable to return to work in the long term.”

The most common symptoms of Post COVID-19 condition are:

Post COVID-19 Fatigue
  • fatigue
  • sleep disturbances & insomnia
  • chills, fever – temperature fluctuations
  • anxiety and depression
  • difficulty thinking or concentrating
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • memory issues
  • shortness of breath
  • general pain and discomfort
  • nausea, food intolerance



While these symptoms can fluctuate greatly – They tend to return with a vengeance upon even the most minor over-exertion, irritation or allergic reaction.

It feels like an uphill battle with – rubbing salt in the wound that has been these past couple of years under dubious lockdowns, over-reaching mandates and general suffering for all Canadians.

Worst of all – for our dear cannabis-smokers here at BuyWeed2Go – It can make smoking, dabbing, even vaping a thing of the past – Yikes!

But! This does not mean you have to break up with cannabis for good. Altering your consumption methods can give you a new lease on life, even when the physical malaise and mental drain are keeping you in bed and off your grind.

Aside from the recommended OTC medications, vitamins and neti-potting – Your biggest ally in beating the Post-COVID tedium can be  THC and CBD edibles.

Here at BuyWeed2Go, your premier destination to buy weed online in Canada, we carry a wide array of delicious medicated gummies – including MOTA, Twisted Extracts, Sticky Icky Edibles,  and Boost Edibles.

Just one dose can bring a day of relief from pain and nausea, helping you to regain your appetite and focus on what’s important – Resting!

Choose Sativa for days where you absolutely must stay productive – and Indica for your more recuperative day.

While it can be quite difficult to abstain from the oral fixation and pleasure of dry-herb vaping and smoking – We have found something that not only will help you cope, but help you heal.

If COVID has shown us anything, its that healing is not a straight line. 
COVID has undoubtedly taken so much away from us all – But it has also shown us to new ways to rehabilitate and convalesce on our own terms.

Edibles are our new preferred method of cannabis consumption, and a powerful tool in keeping some of the most  post-COVID symptoms at bay.

No matter your favourite flavour or brandBuyWeed2Go is your #1 choice for buying cannabis gummies in Canada.

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