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Cannabis as the New Sports Medicine?

Though we may be in the middle of a pandemic and team physical activity has slowed down considerable around the world, this does not mean that the aches and pains from sports injuries and other physical activities have stopped. Despite the slowdown, we would still like our injuries to recover quickly and effectively and with as few adverse side effects as possible. In recent years the National Football League (NFL) has been investigating the benefits of using cannabis to help manage pain in relation to injuries and have found some success. On a more casual level many online marijuana dispensaries in Canada have noted increased inquiries and purchases specifically from weekend warriors and armchair warriors alike—in other words, they are buying weed online to help manage pain due to physical activity.

marijuana and sports
benefits of cannabis in sports

This new interest in cannabis as a sports medicine is based mainly on former NFL players requesting the league revisit their policy on cannabis use. These former players have turned to weed to address the residual pain from injuries sustained during their playing days as an alternative to current opioid based medications. They have found that cannabis provides for better overall well-being without any of the risks and negative side effects that opioids can lead to. These concerns have long been among the questions fielded by cannabis dispensaries in person, by online marijuana dispensaries as well as by mail order marijuana distributors alike.

Anyone with an active lifestyle can benefit from more effective recovery methods and cannabis has been proven to provide relief the more common ailments due to injury such as swollen and sore muscles, anxiety, headaches, fractures, dislocated joints and repetitive strain injuries. Some athletes claim that ingesting cannabis right before a workout and working out under the effects of weed boosts their performance while others prefer to ingest directly after a workout to reap the recovery benefits.

Many athletes have reservations of smoking or vaping cannabis due to adverse reactions to smoking and have turned to online marijuana dispensaries for other viable options. Edibles have long been the most popular item as it is easy to buy edibles online, however, given the surge in popularity of cannabis products of late items such as CBD, topicals, tinctures and capsules as well as lesser known items such as patches and sprays are now available at most online marijuana dispensaries.

For those looking to treat sports and other physical activity injuries with a less invasive method, being able to easily access cannabis products whether in person, through a mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary is more viable than the options currently available now. Opioid-based medications have proven to be ineffective in treating chronic and long-lasting pain and also carries risks such as addiction and fatal overdoses. Low dosing, topicals and tolerance breaks under a strict cannabis regime can help avert these problems and also be beneficial when it comes to other concerns associated with chronic pain such as emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. Though opioids may provide targeted effective relief in the short term, extended use is not practicable, nor is it a solution. Cannabis on the other hand is less invasive, natural and in addition to providing pain relief, is more encompassing for overall well being.


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