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Cannabis and New Year Resolutions

2021 and Cannabis
2021 and Cannabis

Year in and year out we all make new year’s resolutions and try our hardest to keep them. Unfortunately, studies have shown that by the second week in January our resolve begins to crumble and by the middle of February all signs of commitment and whatever thoughts we had of a bigger and better start to the new year have disappeared. Usually it is due to the fact our goals were too lofty but most often it is just a general lack of willpower in seeing them through, however, did you know that cannabis can help with keeping some of your goals on-track? The local science expert at the best online dispensary in Canada brought to my attention some interesting studies that have shown cannabis may be the key to success in keeping some resolutions in check beyond Valentine’s day.

A study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, conducted a survey of just under 51,000 individuals in the United States and found that the prevalence of obesity was significantly lower in those who used cannabis when compared with those that did not. I asked my source from the best online dispensary in Canada to elaborate and she said that the reasoning behind this was simple actually—cannabis improves many aspects of our lives and the presence of it in our bodies helps aid us in achieving our goals.

For example, when used accordingly, marijuana helps relieve pain and stiffness allowing those with mobility issues to be more active. Generally, people who smoke cannabis tend to drink less alcohol than those who do not, resulting in a lower caloric intake. Ask at any local cannabis shop, with any mail order marijuana outlet or online dispensary in Canada and they will tell you that most often than not, their customers turn to cannabis to help them relax which keep them from reaching for comfort foods when stressed—again cannabis helps to reduce caloric intake. It is also no secret that poor sleep is often a factor in weight gain and cannabis has been know to help with treating sleep disorders.

Someone that I buy cannabis online from also pointed out that marijuana has also been used as tool when it comes to fighting tobacco addiction. They quoted a study by the University College London, where researchers instructed their subjects to use CBD inhalers whenever they felt compelled to smoke and found that this helped reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by 40 percent. It was noted that the chemical reactions in the brain that CBD bring may not only help with nicotine cravings, but also help reduce some of the physical discomforts brought by withdrawal such as nausea and headaches.

There you have it, cannabis may help you achieve some of your new year’s resolutions. With pain relief comes the ability to move more freely leading to the ability to exercise more. Reduced stress may give you the will power to walk away from the snacks and beer and allow for better sleep. Furthermore, the reprieve that CBD brings may be just enough to allow you to kick that tobacco habit once and for all. Ask at your local cannabis shop, with any mail order marijuana outlet or with your favourite online dispensary in Canada for their recommendations on which strains and products that may be most beneficial to help you reach your new year’s goals.

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