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Cannabis and Holiday Events

Cannabis and Holiday Events
Cannabis and Holiday Events

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, we can only be hopeful that the attitudes of the general populace are becoming more positive, however, it can be difficult to know where people are at. With the holidays just around the corner we will all be reconnecting with loved ones as well as those we only see once a year. Long held stigmas may still exist for many regarding cannabis so how can we go about avoiding a social “faux-pas”? I asked some friends from the local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana websites as well as others I buy weed online from for some advice and here is what they said.

As associates in the cannabis industry my friends from the best online dispensary in Canada often feel they are “tasked” with providing some “green” for any social event—as they put it, if you were a pastry chef, your friends would expect to see some tasty desserts from you every time there is a get together, in their case, they are expected to see you with cannabis in tow. Their rule of thumb is if they know the host enjoys cannabis, they bring some along, if they are unsure, they discreetly bring some in an odour proof stash bag so it is at the ready when all eyes turn to them. They offer it to everyone who partakes and for those who do not, connect with them in another way. Friends from other online marijuana websites also pointed out it is always nice to bring stuff of a decent quality and to choose something with a lower THC level—though you want people to have a good time, you do not want anyone over doing it.

If cannabis is welcomed at the event, be sure to ask the host where you can spark up—like an associate from an online marijuana dispensary said, though cannabis smoking may be cool with the host, this is not an invitation to hotbox in their bathroom. Oftentimes when the party is taken outside and people converge on the patio to enjoy a hit or two, you will gain some insight on who is, and who is not “down” with it which will give you some guidance to future events with the same people.

The distributors from whom I buy edibles online often bring along some goodies to the social functions they attend, however, they are always careful to educate those who are interested in having a treat or two. They try to bring edibles with a lower dosage and try to dole out the goodies if they can to ensure children and pets do not accidently mistaken them for regular treats.

Knowing your hosts and reading the situation is essentially what everyone from the local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot and others I buy weed online from essentially said. Keep in mind that combining alcohol and cannabis increases the effects of both and like alcohol, cannabis may interact with any prescription medications. If you are the supplier of this party treat, try to be responsible and ensure that no one goes beyond their limit.


  1. Good way of describing, and pleasant article on smoking weed and the holidays. Ill have to try it one day

  2. Nothing better then smoking a big fatty under the tree. Keeps the family arguments to a minimal

  3. Alexander

    Good article. I tried to bring up cannabis with my family but they are old school

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