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Bongs Part 2: Silicone and Glass

Acrylic, ceramic, silicone and glass—materials that are most commonly used in the construction of bongs. If you were to visit the paraphernalia section of your local neighborhood dispensary or peruse the paraphernalia section of your favorite online dispensary in Canada, you will see that bongs come in many sizes, shapes and colors and that only your personal preference, pocketbook and imagination limits what type of bong (or bongs) we end up owning. We had previously looked at bongs made from acrylic and ceramic, and now for devices made from silicone and glass.

Silicone Bong

Ask at your local retail online weed store or inquire with any online dispensary in Canada and you will be told silicone bongs are in class on their own. They are soft and pliable and like rubber, and nothing sticks to them. Made from the same material as food-grade cooking utensils, silicone bongs have a neutral taste and will not give off unpleasant odors. Being soft, squishy and unbreakable, a silicone bong is great for travelling. The downside is in the appearance. Unlike ceramic, glass and even to some extent acrylic, silicone is quite boring and toy-like to look at and not exactly a showpiece in your bong collection. Functional is the key word as they do the job and do not come with any flashy features such as a percolator.

The glass bong. Peruse any retail store or the pages of any online dispensary in Canada that sells bongs and you will note it holds a place of honor in the world of paraphernalia. Glass bongs have long been considered the best and most well-rounded tool for the job. Both classy and luxurious yet surprisingly rugged and durable, glass is non-porous, antibacterial and odor neutral. Glass does not conduct heat as much as other materials and is pleasant to the touch. It can be molded into interesting shapes and designs and since they are hand made, no two bongs are ever “exactly” the same. By far the most expensive option, a glass bong can be a simple device or as fancy as your imagination will allow. More breakable that acrylic, a glass bong can be quite durable if made solidly, however, given the price point, you may want to reach for the acrylic or silicone bong for use at parties or when travelling.

Acrylic, ceramic, silicone and glass bongs. All have their advantages and disadvantages and which one you use is based purely on your needs and pocketbook. Your local retail store or online dispensary in Canada is sure to have one or two that catches or eye and fulfills your needs. To summarize, ceramic, silicone and glass will not give off unpleasant odors with ceramic and glass providing the smoothest taste. Acrylic and silicone travel well and are the least expensive while ceramic and glass cannot be treated roughly and can be quite pricey. Acrylic and silicone can look cheap and unsophisticated while ceramic and glass can be pure works of art.



  1. The best bongs are silicone ones. No mold and they last forever.

  2. The best bongs at silicon. The silicon doesn’t carry germs and is machines washable

  3. Silveira

    Best bong I ever had was made with a 2 liter Coke bottle

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