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Bongs Part 1: Acrylic and Ceramic

Acrylic Bong

Bong—a filtration device used for smoking cannabis that consists of an air and water tight device with a bowl and stem apparatus to guide air downward to below water level which in turn allows for bubbling during use. Made from a variety of materials— acrylic, ceramic, glass and silicone, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours and are only limited by one’s imagination. Available essentially everywhere—from your local convenient store, to the artisan craft shop, to flea markets and to retail and online marijuana dispensaries, oftentimes bongs are more a work of art than a device used to consume cannabis. If you are in the market for one and are undecided about what to get, seeking advice from your retail cannabis shop or online marijuana dispensary will be useful but ultimately, your personal needs, preference in design and materials as well as your pocketbook will ultimately help determine what you purchase.

Acrylic or plexiglass is a type of plastic that is often used in place of glass. As acrylic can easily be plied into different shapes, it is the cheapest option as it can be mass produced. They are durable and lightweight and are ideal for travel and make great beginner or starter bongs given their price point. However, given they are plastic, they can give off unpleasant odours when heated which can adversely affect the taste of your weed. As they are easily massed produced and cheap, you run the chance that acrylic bongs made overseas can contain potentially harmful materials. Better to purchase from a reputable establishment such as a retail or place to buy weed online.

As with acrylic ones, ceramic bongs also come in a variety of shapes and styles but given the workmanship often invested in the creation of one, ceramic bongs are often considered a piece of art within themselves. The classic bowl and downstem design is often augmented into fanciful shapes and can be a great conversation and display piece (check out the selection at your local retail store or favourite online weed store in Canada). Aside from being less costly than a glass piece, a ceramic bong also has a neutral flavour and provides a smooth smoke. A ceramic bong, however, is perhaps the most fragile of the bunch and will not travel well at all. Definitely not a piece you want to pass around at a party.

Acrylic or ceramic bongs. Both come in many different sizes, shapes and colours with ceramic being more aesthetically pleasing and collectible than the much less expensive and perhaps cheap looking acrylic version. As it is very sturdy, durable and lightweight, an acrylic bong is suitable for travel unlike a ceramic one which is breakable and is best handled with care. Priced within reach of most users, a ceramic bong will not taint your flavour experience nor will it provide unwelcome surprises in terms of harmful chemicals when heated. Peruse your local brick and mortar cannabis shop or paraphilia section of your favourite Mail order marijuana dispensary where you are sure to find something to suit your needs.

Next we look at silicone and glass bongs.


  1. Emmeline Hy

    This blog post is great. Everyone that uses a bong should read this


  2. Julienne

    Terrific blog! Brigs me back to my early days testing out bongs. Now I’m just a blunt guy

  3. Great article. BMBB baby. Bongs made bud better

  4. Fabulous post. Who doesn’t remember making bongs out of anything,

  5. Ceramic for sure. I will never use a non Ceramic bong ever again

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