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Big Hits versus Small Hits When Smoking Cannabis

big bongs hits
big bongs hits

We all know them—the cannabis smoker who take the gigantic hit from a bong or blunt with the hope it will get them higher than the International Space Station currently orbiting planet Earth. The belief is that more smoke, will mean more THC, which will mean more high—but is that really true? After speaking to my friends from the various local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana dispensaries as well as those I buy weed online from, I am sorry to report that this myth has been debunked.

For starters, let us look at how our lungs work. In reality, our lungs are not very efficient at absorbing oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide—when we breathe, we are expelling a large portion of the oxygen we just took in. Though our lungs have the capacity to hold six litres of air in one large breath, they are only able to absorb five to six mL of oxygen per minute. In reality, it is not possible to force more THC into the system by holding smoke as the ability to absorb is just not there. Though you may feel higher when taking larger hits and holding the smoke in your lungs, in reality this feeling is caused by the brain being deprived of oxygen and compounded by the carbon monoxide in the smoke.

The resident science expert at the best online dispensary in Canada had plenty to say on this subject when asked as this has been an area in which they have done some research. They pointed out that the active compounds in cannabis only make up a small portion of what is contained in the smoke we take in and the rest is comprised of various different substances. The longer smoke is held in the lungs, the more opportunity these byproducts are given to find their way into the depths of the lungs and settle—which is not good.

So now this brings up to the most serious of questions and one often asked of every budtender from every local cannabis shop to the various online dispensaries in Canada—what is the best way to get as high as possible? The most simple answer is to smoke more cannabis. If you are still not getting the results you are seeking than perhaps you should seek out a strong strain or try dabbing concentrates to boost the effect. Taking edibles—either the kind you make at home or the kind you get when you buy edibles online, are also a good option as not only are they tasty but can help keep the buzz going. If you are still one to take a big hit, why not try vaping? Vaporizers do not combust the plant material or concentrates but rather heats them until the cannabinoids become active. This makes the experience healthier and some users find it to be more intense and easier on the lungs.

There is no need to strain our bodies to get cannabis to do what we need it to. Often seeking advice from the experts at the local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana sites (MOM) or online marijuana dispensaries is all that is needed. The answer may be as simple as switching to a different strain or method of consumption—you won’t know unless you ask.



  1. Alexander

    Go big or go home

  2. Big hits all the way

  3. No man small hits so you can enjoy it

  4. Either big or small hits you just need to hit it as my stoner buddies would say

  5. A hit is a hit as long as it’s good weed and potent

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