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Beginner Series: Why People Use Cannabis

Users of marijuana have long been portrayed in popular culture as a group of strung-out hippies with a major case of the “munchies”. Research has shown that the ability to buy weed in Canada legally has done much to help alter the perception and mindset of non-cannabis users to help realize the choice to use marijuana is not only for pleasure, but for the enhancement of life and for medical and social reasons.

Before buying weed in Canada was legal, cannabis had a long storied history of use throughout the world. The use of alcohol was frowned upon in some ancient cultures, however, social cannabis use was not. Marijuana was popular at early weddings as it was a sign of hospitality and was used to enhance the celebratory mood. Ancients also finished lavish banquets with a cannabis-seed based dessert known for the pleasurable sensation it would bring. Today, many people buy weed in Canada and use it for specific activities and occasions as when it is used properly, it can help make the experience more enjoyable. Not to mention, cannabis will also help make everyday mundane tasks and chores more entertaining and bearable.

When used responsibly the social use of cannabis can be integrated into the user’s daily routine without negative health, social, legal or economic consequences—similarly like the use of alcohol or coffee. Research has shown that when people buy weed in Canada for consumption it is for moderate use as cannabis has a low risk for physical addiction. As with social users, medical users turn to cannabis to enhance and improve the quality of life to help manage physical and mental challenges and to maintain health. Until recently cannabis was categorized under “medicinal” though it is useful in alleviating a variety of conditions and symptoms such as nausea, pain, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, epilepsy etc. In many instances cannabis is more effective than pharmaceuticals and have fewer side effects. Cannabis has also often been prescribed to help alleviate the side effects of medication and to help deal with withdrawal from legal and illegal drugs.

Spiritual well-being is an important part of overall health and people often buy weed in Canada to help seek out enlightenment and connection to the world around them. Many ancient cultures used cannabis in spiritual ceremonies and rituals as they believed it provided a conduit from one world into the other. Many religious groups today continue this practice in their observances while others buy weed in Canada to simply help them relax and gain a different perspective through reflection and contemplation of the world around them.

Despite the fact that marijuana consumption in Canada was illegal for the majority of the population until very recently and it was not as easy as it is now to mail order marijuana or buy weed in Canada through an online marijuana dispensary roughly half of Canadians have tried cannabis in one form or another. The majority of the population who do not use cannabis cannot understand the reasoning behind its use and those who have tried it and did not find it beneficial also fall under this category. As with all things, information is key to understanding and the legalization of cannabis in Canada is a good start.

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