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Beginner Series: What is Dank Weed?

Dank Weed
Dank Weed

I was recently visiting a friend who runs an online dispensary in Canada when a question came through on live chat from a potential client, “Do you sell dank weed?”. Well an extended online question and answer session ensued with the online marijuana dispensary attempting to explain to their potential customer what is meant by the word “dank” when it comes to describing marijuana.

According to the definition given to me by the best online dispensary in Canada the word dank has its origins in the Swedish language and is meant to represent something cold, dark, wet and musty smelling like a moist basement or cellar. When it is used in relation to weed, it is meant to signify high-quality bud—the stickiest, most pungent smelling, pleasantly tasting and subsequently pleasing weed around. Quality and preference are subject to individual tastes, however, when you question any cannabis user, it is universally agreed upon that dank weed is good and is an indicator of a high-quality product.

At first glance dank weed should look as if it is about to start dripping with resin, be vibrant in colour and be so laden with trichomes that it literally sparkles in the sun. The next indicator should be the gassy pungent smell, which is unmistakable, and when lit, dank weed should taste as if there is a party in your mouth. Lastly, weed that is dank is also heavy with THC and should provide a psychoactive high that hits you in all the right places. Dank weed is not so much a type of weed, but more a strain among many strains that has been cultivated to “perfection” with all the desirable characteristics through propagation.

The next step down from dank weed are the “mids” or the middle-of-the-road stuff. Mids are a great option as they offer a decent bang for your cannabis buck. While some local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana outlets and online marijuana dispensaries may classify mids as lower potency strains, these are often perfect for those looking for something a bit lower in THC yet higher in other cannabinoids. When it comes to appearance, mids are not as dense as dank buds yet are still somewhat sparkly but not as vibrant in colour. They rarely have seeds in them and most buds have been trimmed to remove most or all of the stems. In some less reputable cannabis shops and sleazy online marijuana dispensaries, mids can sometimes be passed off as the higher quality stuff. Lastly is schwag—the stuff you get when you buy cheap weed online. Schwag is the low-grade, low-quality stuff that is usually brownish in colour with bits of dark green. Seeds and stems are not unusual nor is the dirt-like smell and schwag is usually very dry and crumbles to the touch.

Currently there are thousands of strains on the market today and not one local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary can claim to carry the dankest of the dank. In short, the term dank weed represents the high quality or top shelf stuff. This term can be subjective when personal preferences comes into play yet objective when all the considerations for good quality bud are applied.


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