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Beginner Series: The Marijuana High Defined

Ask at any local brick and mortar store or online dispensary in Canada what their most common question about marijuana is and you will be told, “What does being high or stoned on weed feel like?” Marijuana can have very different effects from one person to another where some individuals feel happy and relaxed and more prone to creativity while others feel anxious, confused and paranoid. While factors such as dosage and age affects how one reacts to marijuana, how one gets high is also a consideration.

The Marijuana High Defined
The Marijuana High Defined

Whether you purchase your marijuana from the dealer on the street corner, from your local brick and mortar store or from the best online dispensary in Canada, the sensation of what you feel under the effects of weed varies from one person to the next. Some individuals tend to be quite sensitive in their reaction while others may not notice much in terms of a high. Dosage, strain and potency, the method of consumption, tolerance as well as age, gender and physiology are factors, as is alcohol and other medications or narcotics taken in conjunction with marijuana. “Good” sensations of being relaxed, euphoric, amused and mentally stimulated are common, as can “bad” feelings of being anxious, delusional, panic stricken or nauseated. Negative reactions, however, are more likely to occur if you are not an experienced user or have taken too potent a dose. Something to keep in mind if you are just starting out—the small local dispensary and the best online dispensary in Canada will have your best interests in mind, the same cannot be said about the guy on the street corner.

Different strains or breeds of the cannabis plant will induce different reactions. Indica strains are usually associated with relaxation, sativa strains tend to provide a more active, physical high and hybrid strains combine both effects. Smoking or vaping marijuana produces the quickest high as the THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, enters the bloodstream via the lungs. In the case of vaping, vapour instead of smoke is inhaled which contains a higher concentration of THC which can produce a stronger high. In both cases the effects are felt straightaway and can last up to four hours. Ingesting marijuana provides a different high than from smoking or vaping. The effects are less intense as THC is released slower into the bloodstream and over a longer period of time due to the digestion processes and can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes before any effects are felt. Note: it recommended you purchase your edibles from a reputable producer either in a local store or through an online dispensary in Canada as dosing recommendations and guidelines should be adhered to in production and consumption.

Whether you are seeking an escape or to ease the pain of everyday life, a marijuana high may be what you are after. Smoking and vaping helps you map your path “away” quicker while edibles help you slowly, yet surely, reach your destination. Purchasing your marijuana from a reputable dealer whether you buy weed online from the best online dispensary in Canada or from your local brick and mortar store is always advisable to ensure quality control and the availability of reputable advice as there is nothing worse than to have a bad trip.

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