Beginner Series: How Many Grams are in an Eighth?

Cannabis Weights

So you have done your research, know the difference between Indica, sativa and hybrid, know to look for a pungent and pleasant aroma and you have your three-tier grinder as well as your classic wood-pulp rolling papers or pipe all ready to go. Then comes the simple question that stumps you—how much marijuana would you like to purchase? Back in the “olden days” cannabis was sold by the lid, the amount that fit in the lid of a coffee can which was approximately an ounce, and by the finger, the height of the weed when your finger is laid horizontally across a baggie, and depending upon who you ask, it was anywhere from an eighth to a quarter of an ounce. Nowadays, any in-person, mail order marijuana or online marijuana dispensary, whether you buy cheap weed online or from the best online dispensary in Canada, weigh flower and concentrates in grams while concentrates are measured in half or full grams depending on the dispensary. For our purposes, we are going to stick with flower only.

Having purchase weights broken down and understanding how much enjoyment you can expect to get from a set mass would benefit anyone, so let us start with the basics—what is a gram and how much cannabis is that exactly? One gram, also known as a “dime-bag” or “dub” is the ideal amount of cannabis for those who prefer to use a pipe, bong or joint. That will give you three typical sized joints or two to three averaged sized bowls. An eighth, also known as a “half-quarter” or “slice”, is the most common form of measurement at any in-person or online marijuana dispensary and is approximately 3.5 grams or an eight of an ounce (rounded down slightly). This is usually the smallest amount of cannabis you can purchase and you should be able to get two to three blunts for this amount. A “quarter” of cannabis is 7 grams or double an eighth of an ounce, while a “half” or “half o” is 14 grams or double a quarter. A “zip” or “o” is an ounce or 28 grams while a “qp” is a quarter-pound or four ounces. Here it is laid out in a neat table.

Dispensary Reference Measurement Nick-Name Approximate Amount
1 gram dime-bag / dub 2 – 3 bowls / 3 joints
eighth 3.5 grams half-quarter / slice 2 – 3 blunts
quarter 7 grams quarter 4 – 6 blunts
half 14 grams half / half o 8 – 12 blunts
ounce 28 grams zip / o 16 – 24 blunts
quarter pound 113.4 grams / 4 ounces qp

The amount of enjoyment you can get out of any purchase is always dependent on how tight you pack your devices, leaves or papers and the size of your bowl and wraps. As an eighth is the smallest amount you can legally purchase in Canada, do your homework beforehand and ask plenty of questions at the shop or with the online marijuana dispensary to make sure you do not end up with something you are unsure of. On the bright side, an eighth is not a massive amount and you can always make it your contribution at your next smoking circle as someone is bound to find enjoyment in it.

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