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Benefits of CBD

Benefits of CBD

For over a period of time now, the medical industry has taken a swift-shift turn in towards having interest in CBD for its unique abilities and properties. While there is much research required in CBD to conclude a ruling statement, multiple clinical studies have revealed that CBD, the abstracted compound found in the cannabis (marijuana) […]

Top Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Anxiety is probably one of the common things that many people tend to experience. Whether it’s your first day to a job interview, or it is your very first day on the job, or meeting someone for the first time, etc. Anxiety can be linked to one or more things and it has many forms […]

Top 3 Countries for Marijuana

Marijuana Countries

What will the world be like in 10 years with cannabis? More and more countries have started the process of decriminalizing and even talks of legalization. Jamaica Jamaica has long been associated with cannabis.  You can walk through the streets of Kingston without noticing that Jamaica is a very cannabis friendly country. I mean ganja […]

Difference Between Indica, Sativa & Hybrid Marijuana

Marijuana strains

                            For many centuries, Indica and sativa marijuana strains have been the primary types of strains that have been used for recreational and medicinal purposes. As cloning gels and rooting gels become popular, the possibility to create a new breed of marijuana […]

Top 3 Strains to Try Before You Die in 2019

Cannabis Buds

As we enter the last half of 2019 the cannabis world is entering one of the most exciting times in history. Canada will almost be legalized for a full year and the cannabis industry is becoming more and more mainstream. Not only for medicinal marijuana users but also recreational marijuana users as well. Cannabis is […]