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A Beginners Guide to Buying Cannabis

As with everything in life, quality dictates experience and the level of pleasure. Cannabis is no different and the best experience will often come from the best marijuana buds. When a crop is good the high is enjoyable, the flavour is great and the aroma is pleasant. Whether you are buy your bud online or in store, use a mail order marijuana service, or purchase your cannabis from the best online dispensary in Canada or opt to buy cheap weed online, four main factors delineate between high quality and low quality bud—smell, look, feel and flower structure.

good weed vs bad-weed

Cannabis cultivated and cured properly to the highest standards usually have a pungent and pleasant aroma. Buds having a strong fragrance are commonly referred to as dank or loud and diesel, skunky and piney are often terms used to describe high quality cannabis. Generally a good smelling flower is distinct, pungent and unmistakable and the stronger the fragrance the better. Typically, weed store properly away from light and heat has a year shelf of about a year and musty or straw-like smells are indications of age or compromised product. Peruse the descriptions of online marijuana dispensaries to view the various description and descriptors used.

Visually, high-end buds, like fresh, healthy produce, provide hints to help determine quality. The best online dispensaries in Canada have excellent images of their products so buyers are able to properly see deep expressive colours and finite hairs—dirt brown and lime green buds are not indicators good quality.

The more trichomes, or tiny shimmering crystal-like branches the better, as these hold the compounds that account for smell, flavour and effects. An abundance of stems and seeds are indicators of a sub par product as is discolouration, which could mean a presence of mold, pesticide use or age.

Cannabis in Canada
Good Cannabis in Canada

The best flowers are sticky and slightly springy when touched or gently squeezed. Stems should snap and the bud should be easy to break apart but not be completely dry or crumbly. However, too much moisture in the product could also cause mold or mildew so a proper balance is important.

Packaging is important when buying weed online or through a mail order marijuana service. The best online dispensaries in Canada will take great care in packaging, ensuring that their products arrive fresh and intact and ready for your enjoyment.

Expertise in cultivation is also a determining factor in quality. Sativa type buds are light and fluffy in shape while Indica flowers are tighter and denser. Rock hard buds may indicate the grower used growth regulators and may lead to an unpleasant taste. Super fluffy buds can mean the crop was not exposed to enough light leading to under development and a less than top quality product.

Whether you choose to purchase your bud in person locally, to buy cheap weed online from a questionable source, use a mail order marijuana service or choose to purchase from the best online dispensaries in Canada, knowing how to judge quality will go a long way to ensure you get full enjoyment from your experience.


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