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Reflections from the Cannabis Industry for 2020 and Beyond

covid-19 and marijuana

2020 was a trying year for everyone globally and the cannabis industry in Canada did not go untouched. Still very much an emerging industry in this country, flexibility and adaptability were key to survival for local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana depots as well as online marijuana dispensaries. Fortunately, most local cannabis retailers were able […]

Modern Medical Marijuana – A Very Brief History

medical marijuana

In one of my regular recent online gatherings with friends who operate retail cannabis shops, mail order marijuana outlets as well as online marijuana dispensaries the topic of medical marijuana and the history surrounding it came up. The resident science expert from the best online dispensary in Canada (now also known as the resident historian) […]

Saliva Drug Testing For THC—Some Things to Ponder…

Saliva Drug Testing

“Can my workplace test me for cannabis use?” This is a question often asked at many cannabis shops and with online marijuana dispensaries throughout Canada. In short, the answer is “no”, as for the most part drug testing violates the Human Rights Code and infringes on the worker’s right to privacy. However, employers are still […]

Making Your Own Homemade Bong

Homemade Bong

I think we have all been there—bud on hand but nothing to smoke it out of. The local cannabis shops have all closed for the extra-long holiday weekend and a two-day rush delivery from your mail order marijuana outlet or online dispensary in Canada is just too long to wait. This kind of disappointment is […]

Mixing Medications and Cannabis

Mixing Medications and Cannabis

For thousands of years mankind has used cannabis for ceremonial, recreational and therapeutic purposes. Even with its long and storied history mainstream western medicine has been slow to embrace cannabis as a drug that can be beneficial in treating a host of conditions. This may be due to a lack of information and education on […]

Cannabis Vending Machines during COVID-19

Cannabis Vending Machines

Cannabis vending machines—not a new idea but something that has come to the forefront once again during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Many retail cannabis shops throughout Canada found themselves affected by this forced closure when they were unable to quickly shift their operations to a non- or minimal contact scenario in order to […]

Using Hemp Wick to Corner a Bowl

Hemp Wick

We have all done it, bought a stash of the really good stuff only too see it gone after a couple of sessions. What happened? Now that we burned through our premium supply (and our cash), we need to hit up the local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana website or online marijuana dispensary yet again. […]