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Bongs Part 2: Silicone and Glass

glass bong

Acrylic, ceramic, silicone and glass—materials that are most commonly used in the construction of bongs. If you were to visit the paraphernalia section of your local neighborhood dispensary or peruse the paraphernalia section of your favorite online dispensary in Canada, you will see that bongs come in many sizes, shapes and colors and that only […]

Bongs Part 1: Acrylic and Ceramic


Bong—a filtration device used for smoking cannabis that consists of an air and water tight device with a bowl and stem apparatus to guide air downward to below water level which in turn allows for bubbling during use. Made from a variety of materials— acrylic, ceramic, glass and silicone, they come in a variety of […]

How to Rehydrate Weed

Dry weed

Rehydrating Cannabis Dry weed—the bane of any marijuana smoker. It crumbles to a powder when you try to roll a joint and tastes like yesterday’s socks. Maybe you left it out by mistake, you live in a dryer climate, you decided to buy cheap weed online, or maybe you just found some of the good […]

Common Mistakes Make When Cooking with Cannabis

cooking with cannabis

Edibles. Always yummy to eat but often challenging to make. If are not one to buy edibles online and have tried to hone your craft at home (while using grandma’s brownie recipe), you may have realized that making edibles is often not as easy as one may think. For your benefit, we have gathered some […]