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What are Edibles?

Though smoking is still the most popular way of consuming cannabis, edibles are quickly being a popular way to intake weed. Traditionally “funny” brownies are among one of the most popular marijuana infused foods, however, any food product can be infused with cannabis. The need to make your own goodies is something of the past, […]

What is Shatter?


When looking at the various offerings of your local retail cannabis store or surfing the pages of your favourite online marijuana dispensary you have no doubt some across a category of products called shatter. You will notice straight away the majority of the products in this category are brittle and glasslike and snaps easily when […]

How to Store Weed

How to Store Weed

How to Store Weed You have done your research, ordered weed online from the online marijuana dispensary and are now wondering what is the best way to your stash. Marijuana has no steadfast expiry date, however, how you store you buds will go a long way in determining how long you will have full enjoyment […]